Kennisnet is a public organization and is part of education and for education.


Our activities are aimed at:

Creating a national ICT-infrastructure

We will ensure that the necessary public services are available for the educational sector. We will strive for different parties, like suppliers, to make agreements that enable sharing between various digital educational services. For example, Kennisnet ensures that digital materials are searchable and that information chains are set up efficiently.

Providing strategic advice

In collaboration with the sector counsels we ensure that the position of schools is strengthened, for example by closing the gap between supply and demand in the area of digital materials.

Offering expertise

Together with schools we develop, make sense of and distribute knowledge on the effective and efficient use of ICT. Knowledge on the use of digital materials, organizing education more efficiently and preparation on 21st century skills. This is done for school boards, school leaders, (ICT) managers and teachers, preferably online.

Kennisnet is funded by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science


The Kennisnet Foundation is organized according to a supervisory board model. The duty of a supervisory board is to oversee the policies of the executive board and the general course of affairs within the foundation. The supervisory board has five members and an independent chairperson. The sector councils appoint three of the members, ensuring that Kennisnet continues to be part of and work for education.